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At Garrison Lawyers, we don’t run a business. We see working in Family Law as a vocation You’ll find plenty of lawyers who know the law, but you won’t find many lawyers with empathy who treat you as an equal and give you honest, straight forward and practical advice. You can be assured that at Garrison Lawyers, you will be treated with kindness and care. 

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Parental alienation, family violence, controlling and coercive behaviour are all high conflict parenting matters that we specialise in. Read more on how we can help you navigate your way through your parenting matter.


Property disputes are based PURELY on Family Law and the bottom line . There is no space using this as vindication. At Garrison Lawyers, we can help guide you through the most practical and cost effective method to resolve your dispute.


These days divorce is a no fault process which is an administrative operation of the family court of Australia. It is separate and distinct from the matters of children and property. Read more on how we can help you with your divorce.

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50% off your first consultation (90 mins) only available until end of financial year 2022!

Servicing the South Coast

We’re excited to open a new branch office in the heart of Willongong for out South Coast clients!


Mediation is useful for both parenting and/or property matters. Our vast experience as mediators enables us to present your matter in the best possible light and negotiate the best outcome for you and your family

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