Family Provision Claims & Wills Dispute

applications for “for further and better provision

At Garrisons Lawyers we provide expert advice on family Provision claims also known as applications for “for further and better provision” from an estate.

Family Provisions applications can be bought before the District or Supreme Court if you feel that adequate provision has not been made for your proper maintenance and support from the deceased’s estate, under a will or upon intestacy.

Who can apply?

  • Spouse (including de-facto spouse)
  • Children, young and adult (including stepchildren)
  • Dependents (including parents, parents of any infant children of the testator or a person under 18 years who was wholly or substantially dependent upon the testator at the time of the death)
  • Ex-spouse (even if they have previously received settlement as a result of divorce, although this would affect the amount of any Order made by the Court)

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